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Feed Solutions for vending machines

We offer our customers complete feed supply solution for automatic and semi-automatic vending machine of different sizes, as follows:

Hot Drinks

Espresso, Cappuccino, mocaccino, Latte, Hot Chocolate and Tea, 24 hours a day, done just in time, machines of various types and sizes, perfect for any occasion.

Cold Drinks

Juices, soft drinks, Dairy Drinks, Isotonics and Energy drinks always cold specially for warmer days.

Snacks & Meals

Natural Sandwiches, Salads, Fruits, Soups and lights products, always fresh for you.


Cereal Bars, Chips, Biscuits, Sweets and a large varieties for a quick and balanced nutrition without leaving the workplace.


Rental Machines

This profile is ideal for small businesses, individual entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to simplify and reduce costs while providing a coffee for your customers and employees. The replenishment and cleaning are under your responsibility and we coach you how to operate your vending machine. In addition, we sell specific products for your machine be always stocked.
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This profile is more suitable for medium and large companies where there is a greater employees volume, the need for greater attention to feed and greater cost control. In this case, you do not have to worry about. Brasvending is in charge of supplying, cleaning, sanitizing and maintenance of machines with uniformed personnel properly trained.